For partners

Wayli is all about customer acquisition through innovation in one of the largest mass-market consumer segments in the world: travel. Wayli would like to integrate with many leading service providers and is in the process of deepening its integration with global travel suppliers (B2C).

Wayli is also available as a white-label service for travel companies, travel service providers and hotels, helping them become a «mobile first» brand and get ahead of their competitors to win over new business (B2B).

We welcome partners in a wide variety of travel and near-travel segments.

Hotel chains

Wayli helps hotels save money, as the user does not need intermediaries to book a room.

Wayli helps hotels promote additional services and create a wow effect from introducing a new way of interacting with a guest: it impresses the guests and makes them want to learn new things. Wayli also allows hotels to promote rooms in a new video format, including voice search options that were not available until now

Telecom operators

Wayli is ready to be set up in collaboration with a major telecom operator wishing to make this service completely free for its subscribers, emphasize innovation and the desire to become a diverse business.

Wayli's service relies on artificial intelligence to learn the travel habits and patterns of users and offer personalized travel assistance. This service can also be customized to special needs.

Tour operators & travel agencies

For tour operators and travel agencies, Wayli will increase sales, facilitate access to their travel products, highlight their advantages by mentioning them the context of a conversation and user requests, as well as by demonstrating short videos. Wayli is a new way to advertise sightseeing and entertainment programs.

Major malls & sights

Wayli increases the flow of potential visitors and buyers by informing users about the location, booking tickets in advance, participating in loyalty marketing programs, and optimizing a significant number of transport tasks.

Transport companies

Wayli increases the flow of potential passengers, putting together complex routes (in the future), choosing the cheapest tickets and best seats on board, participating in joint marketing programs. Wayli also offers personalized reminders and recommendations, which are based on the traveler's current location.


Wayli makes online interaction with users easy and instant. Wayli is interested in expanding its travel object content base, creating partnerships with OTA and airline ticket aggregators, payment systems, discount services, rental, sharing, and dating services.