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Wayli is a global virtual travel assistant based on the next-generation Artificial Intelligence technology. Gorgeous video, elegant design, and convenient voice interaction make planning your next escape almost as enticing as getting there.

The project combines a number of competencies and expertise that we have successfully used at Wayli’s technological base: visual robot voice recognition parsing video content streaming

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The target audience for Wayli is a broader audience of people who aren’t closely familiar with the latest technology and only have a smartphone. Wayli helps facilitate all the steps in their travel planning in the most intuitive way there is: using their voice.

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As we transition to a new era of computing with machine intelligence, Wayli unlocks new insights and opportunities for travel companies to deliver better, more helpful user experiences than ever before.

New convenience of communication and booking

  • We do not use any complex interfaces: all communication with the user is voice-based. Wayli is able to understand you better than search engines since she is focused exclusively on travel and related services. She understands any speech in multiple languages, even with an accent.

  • Wayli is trained to work with key travel resources that we usually have to browse ourselves. But she carries it out instantly and gives us the necessary information much faster. Besides, Wayli can analyze and filter big data, something travel sites themselves cannot do.

  • Wayli adapts to users and allows them to choose exactly the best for them, always showing something extra beyond what each individual travel partner has to offer (e.g., the 360-degree interior of a hotel room)

  • Wayli has a lively visual representation but uses advanced robotic technology for transmitting information and voice. She is alive and charming, with a mystical sense of playfulness.

  • Wayli knows the traveler’s preferences by promoting contextual awareness; she makes it easier to discover the world’s best places. Wherever you are, you get the best local travel, food, and sightseeing options that other travelers have loved.

  • Wayli is really smart and deals with more than just routine queries and frequently asked questions. She offers unique solutions and directs travelers to local points of interest and special events.

Consumer utility

  • Wayli saves time when planning and taking a trip

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    Wayli comes up with unusual solutions, finding things that are hard to find and always offering recommendations

  • Wayli is visual and shows everything as it is (she loves 360 degrees videos and photos)

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    Wayli is almost alive and has a character; her companionship is never boring and you don’t feel alone!

  • As you talk, Wayli wants you to teach her new things! She is happy to absorb new ideas, cultural habits, slang, or geographical features of a location, and then share them with other people

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    Technology is moving forward and very soon we will be able to customize Wayli’s image so that your helper looks the most appealing to you

  • And of course, Wayli will live in virtual reality

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