Virtual travel assistant

based on the next-generation Artificial Intelligence technology

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Helps you discover

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Collects and shares all Big City secrets

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Take the best from the Big City!


How does Wayli work?


Wayli – humanlike assistant with character

What's under the hood?

Advanced language processing system and machine learning algorithms

Wayli quickly reacts even to unique and quirky queries and make tailored travel recommendations


The world’s first innovative travel club, where every member participates in the development of Wayli’s content base and technological enrichment

  • Travelers and locals are motivated to provide their own content, become niche experts, travel bloggers or perform other roles

  • Travelers and locals are motivated to communicate with each other and imbue with the philosophy of ”citizens of the world”

  • Club members feel their involvement in travel even at home, as well as motivated by loyalty points that can be spent on travel

  • At the club users can earn loyalty points, offer new ideas or even be responsible for a separate content space, having part of the business in a new philosophy of the global digital partnership

  • Active status in the club gives considerable privileges and even the opportunity to become an official advisor of the Wayli project